Open interesting movie statistics in UEFA. Champions League The neck must be missed.

If talking about fighting in Europe, like UEFA Champions League It must be said that there is nothing interesting. And it has a dull month in every season So now we have brought the interesting statistics that the past in this competition has what each team has to leave each other. Can say that the type of football fans and footballers may be unexpected.

   We opened the first record in the pair that met between Ajax, flipped online to beat Real Madrid, home of Madrid with a score of 4 goals per 1, then it resulted in the Ajax team. The finalists were 8 teams to go above and beyond the expectation. Which became the first record for Ajax team. That can beat competitors in the knock-out rounds in this difficulty Is to say this Since the UEFA battle Champions League There is a knockout round, Ajax, he has never beat anyone in this round. The first time of their own, it was the top team of the fierce bulls like Real Madrid.