Open the movie path with Book Roberto Ras’s wing from the Ligue to the Premier League.

Open the movie path with Online We will now take the fans of Roberto Ras Wing, the genius of the Arsenal Cannonball team in this undefeated series, to get to know the path and origin of this race. Where has he passed? Than to create success in an undefeated series with Arsen Wenger being the reins at that time To follow

   This player, Roberto Ras, was born to the Marseille Olympic team in 1998, who was a big team in the Ligue. There, the news began to brighten the film path in the perfume region. By being able to successfully take the team to the UEFA Cup finals in 1999, but in that match, his team had to be defeated Then the outstanding form of the year began to fall. Because in that game, he was beaten by fans of racism. But believe that on the other hand, if Marseille wins in that game, Ras will probably be the one that has been hailed by fans

As soon as he loses, he cannot live It was a problem that pressured Marseille to sell him out. Of course, the work that he helped to make the top team of France Online Entered the European Cup and was a promising star at that time It made the year Ras become a favorite of big clubs around Europe. At that time, the team that was interested in the year Ras had both Arsenal, Real Madrid or Juventus, but the year Ras himself chose to go to football at the English Premier League like the Arsenal artillery.